LinkedIn, LinkedOut…Why do I spit in the soup?

3 min readOct 25, 2021


“Cracher dans la soupe” is the french expression for “biting the hands that feed”.

It’s been 2 years that I am on LinkedIn. This allowed me to substantially extend my network, make lots of new friends from completely different horizons, and of course, write stuff to people who care and share.

But now I decide to LinkedOut. Here is why:


  1. If we compare Facebook to a nudist beach that people tend to show too much of themselves, then LinkedIn is an austere mask with “Strictly business” written all over it.

For the ASKaFOX community, we have one conviction: if you are not authentic, you are not trustworthy, business or personal.

And for that matter, LinkedIn might be the second last place on earth for you to show authenticity. Right after the Parents’Evening at your kids’ school of course…

2. As a fierce defender of the Creator Economy, we believe in the power of contents cross-pollinated by sectorial experiences and insights. We don’t like conformism, or vanilla ice cream.

And that is why ASKaFOX is opening its Medium and Substack blog where its new articles would appear in Premier, several days before reposting on LinkedIn.

Substack blog:

3. Our new relationship with LinkedIn can be baptized the same way as SpaceX’s drone ship: “Of course I still love you.” I’m just going for a spin.

So this is how it’s gonna work now:

  • If you fancy our content but use none of the above knowledge-sharing platforms, just subscribe here to our feeds here and hear what a Fox has to say
  • If you want to be a creator and join the fox den, register here and you’ll be warmly welcomed among a group of passionate, competent & cunning manufacturing experts:-)

In case you wonder if you’re fit to join:

“You don’t teach an old monkey how to make faces.”

Just be yourself. Too-da-loo!




We are a bunch of supply chain fanatics. We thrive at the confluence of Business ,Tech & People

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